Beginning XSLT 2.0

Who This Book Is For

  This book is primarily for newcomers to XML and XSLT. It’s particularly aimed towards web
  developers who have some knowledge of HTML, CSS, and a smattering of JavaScript; but none
  of these are essential, and the techniques you learn in this book can just as easily be applied to
  transforming between XML-based markup languages as to web pages.
  Seasoned users of XSLT 1.0 will learn about the new datatypes, expressions, and functions
  of XPath 2.0 and the new facilities in XSLT that make tasks such as text processing, grouping,
  and creating multiple documents much easier. Although much will look familiar, there are also
  some fundamental changes in the XPath data model and the XSLT processing model that may
  take you by surprise.



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